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Bio Chemistry

Bio Chemistry

Biochemistry is the study of life at the molecular level. It is accountable for a great deal of scientific advancements in medicine and uses molecular methods to investigate, explain and manipulate biological processes.

Overview of the department

The department of Biochemistry started in the year 2008, is involved in undergraduate teaching to dental students. It is also our endeavour to make all our facilities available to other departments within the college


To provide high quality teaching to the students through traditional classroom teaching and modern audio-visual aids and hands on training on various aspects of biochemistry.


To ignite young minds from different backgrounds, to understand the world of biochemical reactions through application based learning. This learning would develop their reasoning power and train them to qualify for various national level examinations.


The teaching programmes of the Biochemistry department has a fundamental approach to the chemistry of life and convey the strongly unifying contribution of biochemistry and molecular biology to other disciplines.


Our biochemistry Laboratory supplements classroom teaching with practical training. Also supports undergraduate/ ICMR funded projects


The syllabus for I BDS is as per the Dental Council of India Norms. Horizontal Integrated Teaching Module in Basic Medical Sciences is implemented. Biochemistry syllabus encompasses Basic and Clinical Biochemistry with special emphasis on applied aspects.


  • A spacious well equipped under graduate students’ laboratory
  • A well stocked Department Library
  • Faculty offices


Short Term Studentship programme by ICMR to promote interest and aptitude for research among dental undergraduates was awarded to a number of our students and our department guided them successfully. Our students have participated in many dental conferences with poster, paper and module presentations.