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Department of Prosthodontics, Crown and Bridge

Department of Prosthodontics, Crown and Bridge

Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry that specializes with diagnosis and rehabilitation of patients with missing teeth and restoration of oral hard and soft tissues enabling optimal oral health , appearance and function.

The specialty includes a complete range of treatment from restoration of single tooth to fabrication of complete denture, to more delicate work like crown and bridge and implants. The prosthodontist also had social responsibility to rehabilitate people who have undergone extensive deformity of face due to trauma and cancer surgery.


  • To teach students the basic principles, concepts and practice of prosthodontics required for diagnosis and treatment of patients.
  • To train specialist in prosthodontics, who are skilled clinician with a strong research background.
  • Continues advancement of knowledge in prosthodontics through basic and clinical research and incorporation of cutting edge knowledge into our patient treatment and curriculum
  • To provide high quality treatment to patients at affordable cost.


The following objectives are laid out to achieve the goals of course
  • To possess knowledge on basic science and principles and application of dental material science.
  • To diagnose and planned treatment for patients requiring prosthodontic therapy.
  • Age changes and prosthodontic therapy for aged.
  • Ability to diagnose failure restoration and provide prosthetic therapy.
  • To advice regarding case management involving surgical interim treatment etc.,
  • To attend continue education programmes, seminars and conferences related to prosthodontics thus updating themselves.
  • To have essential knowledge of personal hygiene, infection control, prevention of cross infection keeping a view the risks of transmission of hepatitis & HIV
  • To have ability to plan and establish prosthodontic clinic and practice management.


The Dental Materials Laboratory, an annexure to the department, trains I BDS students in handling and the manipulation of basic dental materials and procedures. For the II BDS students a Preclinical Prosthodontic Section has been established to train them in laboratory procedures for the fabrication of complete denture prosthesis. The III and IV year BDS students are allotted clinical postings wherein they are trained in the art of removable prosthodontics. The IV year BDS students are also trained in the art of fixed partial denture prosthesis, by demonstration and participation on a pre-clinical level in the phantom head lab. Theory classes are conducted using audio visual aids and power-point presentations. The internship programme includes in-house and rural centre comprehensive treatment for Prosthodontic rehabilitation. Extended working hours are provided to the students so as to facilitate the completion of laboratory aspects of the stipulated treatment without wasting their clinical hours.

The under graduate program provides a rigorous and in depth training with lectures, seminars, pre clinical expertise and clinical teaching in the period of four /five year dental curriculum. Students are exposed to a wide range of patients with prosthetic problems and all students get extensive pre- clinical & clinical experience in the department.

Clinical practice involves exposure to complete denture cases removable partial dentures & introduction to fixed partial dentures as per the norms of DCI.

Foundation knowledge and techniques are taught by lectures, video and demonstrations that are correlated with the student's laboratory exercises.

Apart from the routine clinics , assignments are given to make charts and present seminars on the PowerPoint as part of the academic curriculum.


We have a state of the art ceramic laboratory and metal casting facility

Our pre-clinical phantom head laboratory is used to train our students in the pre-clinical years.

The department has separate under graduate and post graduate sections. The department is well equipped with all the modern facilities/ equipments and fully efficient in rendering advanced quality care to the patients

The facilities include
  • Undergraduate clinic
  • Postgraduate clinic
  • Implant Clinic
  • Plaster lab
  • Ceramic lab
  • Casting lab
  • Two Preclinical Prosthodontics lab
  • Phantom head Lab
  • Faculty Rooms
  • Seminar room
  • Department library