Oral Pathology & Oral Microbiology

Treatments Rendered

Oral Pathology and Oral Oncology

Competency to diagnose a wide variety of head and neck lesions, Surgical pathology reporting on par with global standards.

Cytopathology is a diagnostic technique that examines cells from the various body sites. Our students undergo a training in Cytopathology, including specimen collection, fixation, smear preparation, Slide reading and interpretation.

Surgical Pathology Grossing

Surgical Pathology Grossing in an integral part of Surgical Histopathology. Our post graduates are trained in grossing procedures of variety of head and neck Specimens. They are alternatively posted as grossing in Charge for every week. This exposure and training makes them astute in Gross Pathology.

Molecular Biology Training

The students are trained in Molecular Biology Methods including DNA, RNA extraction, PCR and RT-PCR analysis trained by the Ministry of Small, micro and Medium Enterprises.


The department houses the largest collection of Diagnostic and Research Primary Antibodies for Immunohistochemical Procedures.

Hematopathology and Clinical Microbiology

Emphasis is placed on understanding the pathogenesis of a disease process, use of laboratory data for prognostic and therapeutic decision making, which aids in clinicopathological correlations.

Trained to detect, characterise and quantify micro-organisms from clinical samples enables the students to diagnose, manage and treat infectious diseases.

Enhances confidence in setting up independent clinical pathology practice.

Community Camps

Through camps, students experience and learn the community profile and needs which motivates them to design national projects assessing the oral diseases.

As a part of outreach programmes, students are trained to identify the potential requirements for the prevention of oral disease which enable students to identify successes and challenges of current oral healthcare delivery.

Legal aspects of Forensic Odontology.

Our Postgraduate undergo training in the Legal aspects of forensic Odontology. The course is conducted in collaboration with the Saveetha School of Law. The lectures are conducted by the faculty of law school covering important legal aspects of Forensic Odontology.

Largest Archive of Histopathology Cases

The Department is proud to house the largest archive of Histopathology Slides. This gives the students a real life time experience to view cases that peers from other colleges get to see only as textbook images.

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