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With the encouragement of our beloved chairman Dr.K.V.Kuppusamy , Principal  Lt Col Dr. R.G.K. shet, the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery organized “Fire and safety program” at RVS Dental College and Hospital in the lecture Hall and ground on 11.08.2022 & 12.08.2022 for staff and second year students. This program was organized by Dr.Vigneswaran(Prof & Head) , Dr.Rekha (Prof) , Dr.Priyadharsana(Reader), Dr.Maneesha sree (Senior lecturer) , Dr.Sai Sindhu (Senior lecturer) and Dr.Priyadharshini (Tutor).

The guest speaker was Mr.Pravin from Elshadai Fire equipment and controllers. He conducted a Demo session on how to use fire extinguisher during emergency situation .This fire safety training educated a set of practices and knowledge to minimise the destruction caused by fire hazards. The skill and knowledge acquired through these trainings equip the learners to combat fire in any unanticipated fire breakout. Also it enables the delegate to recognise the workplace fire hazards prior and ensure adequate control measures are in place.

Venue: RVS Dental College & Hospital - Lecture Hall     

             and ground

Date: 11.08.2022 & 12.08.2022