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 The Department of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics was proud to conduct the Clinical Society meeting under the guidance of Dr. Rajasekaran, Professor & Head of the Department on 23.08.2023. The topic of discussion was ‘Unravelling the complexity of overlapping teeth’.

As a part of the event, the programme started with brief introduction by Uthara Sunil, Intern. This was followed by a short talk by the moderator, Dr.Anusha, Senior Lecturer. The second year postgraduates presented the cases done by them in the department in relation to decrowding. Dr.Keerthana presented a decrowding correction by interproximal reduction. Dr.Priyadharshini presented a case of decrowding by proclining teeth. Dr.Ajay presented a case of decrowding using extraction space.

The presentation was followed by interactive sessions with faculties and heads of other departments. This was followed by a vote of thanks by Varsha.P, Intern. The program was a grand success as it enlightened the faculties, postgraduates and interns.